Midnight Scream Fest!

15 Apr

Totally awesome. Not the actual movie, but the fact that from 6 to 12am I watched all four Screams. Back to frickin’ back. I can still hear the screeching violins in my head. How is it that I feel completely refreshed and revitalized after watching dozens of people get brutally murdered before my eyes? The short answer is that the thriller movie experience is pure catharsis. It releases all the pent up aggression I’m not allowed to express and I get to see people act out my unconscious fantasies (poorly). They ran, they jumped, they screamed, they killed; they exercised my muscles while I sat back and ate popcorn! I don’t have a long answer. That one may be too disturbing to explore… Anywho!

WARNING *extremely tiny spoiler alert*

Scream 4 wasn’t as much of a blast as 1 and 2, partly because the focus wasn’t on the thrill of the in-progress murder, it was on the revealed killer (we know who did it by the end of act 2). They broke a lot of Scream ‘rules’, as expected, and updated the 90s analog murders to digital. I don’t like to see iPhones in my Scream series, but the 10 year update was surprisingly smooth. The movie was a too obvious comment on Generation Y’s isolation and selfishness due to overuse of technology (old writer alert), but it was still hilariously self-referential and hokey. SAVED! So go see Scream 4… or else.


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