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WEN products on natural hair.

5 Aug

I love WEN hair products!! You can’t imagine how soft they make your hair. The interesting thing is, they work for ALL hair types, and in my opinion, are especially good for African-American hair. WEN “shampoo” is actually a co-wash conditioning cleanser; you use it alone. The $30, 30 day trial (which will last us longer than thirty days because we don’t wash our hair everyday) contains the conditioning cleanser, the moist intensive hair treatment, the hair balm stick (very cool!), the hair creme, and a wooden comb (great for distributing moisture)! I did a blow-out, braid-out with the products and it turned out great. This was my process:

Leave your hair wet when you put the styling creme on. Also, I used the “shampoo” as a leave in. Yep, you can do that…

Blow your hair out just a little. Not so that it’s floppy, but so that it sticks out.

My hair can get very dry, so I made a glycerine mix. I used 25% glycerine and the rest water. I usually put in 40% glycerine but my hair was already really moisturized by the WEN.

I used the balm to braid it.

And here we are! Nice length, REALLY soft.

You can do a lot with it. Even put it up! 😉

Great product!